Athlete Information

This page contains specific links and information to help Lakes Track and Field athletes with their events. These are just a few videos that can help you with your event. There is no substitue however for consistent practice.

Technique Videos

Distance Hurdles High Jump Throws Horizontal Jumps Pole Vault Sprints
Running Drills Hurdle Technique Improving Technique Shot & Discus Drills Long Jump Technique Skills & Drills sprint start
Form Drills Knee & Straight Leg Drills Hip Over Drills Shot Put Instruction Technical skills Intro to pole vault B Skip Drill
Foam Roller Drills Hurdle Drills Developing the arch Javelin run-up drills Triple Jump Technique Grip & Carry drills Starting Block Basics
Core Strength Lead & Trail Leg Drills Run-Up calculation Javelin-Fix over rotation Transferring momentum pole vault practice Relay Technique