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Alison S. Unterreiner, PT, CSCS


2016 Fort Steilacoom Invitational

Registration Information 

Go to and register your athletes for the meet. Register every athlete who you think may compete. Please put them in the race you think they may compete in. You may make changes on race day however, without having to notify the scorekeeper.

Copy and paste, or print out the registration form below to give to your book-keeper, student accounts person, or whomever is responsible for payment, so they can process it (we can provide receipts upon payment for those schools that require it.)  

2017 Entry Fees

2 Teams (Boys & Girls Combined): $140.00

1 Team (Boys or Girls): $100.00

Small team (both genders): 10 or fewer athletes: $100

Community Run:$5.00 In order to reduce registration times, you can print out an open race registration form and mail it to Fort Steilacoom Invite 4405 N 19th St Tacoma, WA 98406 or drop off your registration at the South Sound Running Point Ruston location. Entries must be recieved or dropped off before September 14.

Youth Run: Free (in order to reduce registration times, please enter athletes running in the Youth Race on our race site on Then print andf bring a copy of the youth registration form when you pick up your race number). You can register here.

Printable Registration Forms

If you need a hard copy of the meet registration form, open race registration, or youth race registration forms you may print them by clicking on the links below. Please note that you may pre-register for the open race up until September 10. After that it is day of race only. Open Race participants under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or adult guardian.

Invitational Registration Form

Open Race Registration Form

Youth Race Registration Form


*A team is defined by gender, not the number of races entered. A team may have athletes entered in any combination of varsity flights and junior varsity races.

*Due to concerns regarding eligibility, etc. we request that any high school age athletes entered in the community race refrain from wearing a school issued uniform.

* We use certified officials. WIAA and NFHS rules will be observed.