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Lakes Best on Fort Steilacoom


The following list is of the best marks by a Lakes Cross Country runner on the Fort Steilacoom course. These marks go back to the current course which was set in 1997. Over the years, there have been some changes to the course, primarily in the start and finish area. Overall, the nature of the course hasn't changed, particulalry with the location of the hills, the opening mile and all of the trails.

Many of the marks on this list do not reflect an athletes best time, simply the best time they achieved on the Fort Steilacoom course. More than anything, it gives athletes a chance to see where they stack up over the years. There are no comparisons from prior to 1997 for a couple reasons. Lakes had several different courses over theprevious years, and also different distances (3 miles was the standard in the early 80's and 90's). Therefore, there are some very notable Lakes athletes who are not on this list. You will see their names on the state meet participants list.


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