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Alison S. Unterreiner, PT, CSCS


General Information

For 2019 we have made some adjustments. We have combined one of two girls junior varsity races, and reduced the time between the boys and girls races. We will also start each race on time, regardless if a slower runner is still out on the course. That runner will still receive a hand time, but the video finish timing system will have shifted to the next race. We are also adding at least 30-40% more sanikans.

There will be a start box behind the start line. Our officials will ask that the box and run out area be cleared of all non participants 5 minutes prior to the start of each race.

The Fort Steilacoom Invitational features a variety of races for runners of all capabilities. Once registered, the race number will follow the athlete so coaches may move them into whatever race they choose. Athletes will need to present their number to the timing chip tent where they will be given their ttiming chip. Only athletes who are competing will be issued a chip.

Varsity Races

Gold Division

The boys and girls "Gold" division races These teams should be teams vying for top 8 positions in their state meet. We will allow individual athletes to run in this race as well. Suggested times for individuals would be sub 16:00 for boys and sub 19:10 for girls. Awards will be given to the top five boys and girls teams in this division, and the top 20 athletes. The top 10 will get medallions.

Silver Division

The boys and girls "Silver" varsity races will be held in TWO flights. The first flight will be for the # 5, 6, 7 & 8th runners. The second flight will be for the #1, 2, 3, & 4 runners. We have 8 in the varsity races as many of us are still trying to decide who our top 7 are at this point in the season. Traditional scoring will still apply though. As with the junior varsity races, the girls flight will start 5 minutes after the boys flight.

Bronze Division

This is a varsity race for developing teams and smaller schools. There is one flight, and teams may enter 8 athletes per gender.

Timing/Scoring: We use traditional cross country scoring. Athletes times will be determined by the results of their video finish. Timing chips are used as a back up, and allow us to eliminate the need for a finishing chute. For the Silver division, the results of flight 1 & 2 are merged.

Awards: All varsity races (Glod, Silver, Bronze)have plaques for the top 5 teams. The top 20 individuals will recieve awards. There will be a plaque for the top boys and girls combined team as well. These will be awarded at the awards ceremony at the conclusion of the meet. All JV race ribbons will be awarded at the finish line.

Junior Varsity Races:

Their will beseveral jv races. Most of these are prior to the varsity races. The JV Team race is for your top 7 junior varsity athletes. Junior Varsityraces do not receive team awards, but the top 20 athletes in these races receive ribbons at the finish and team scores are kept. After the varsityy races there will be the final JV race. Please note the time schedule, and which races allow for those runners who may take more than 30 minutes. It is important that athletes are in the correct race in order to keep on schedule.

Community/Youth Races:

In 2018, all youth and open race registration can be done on-line at Prior to the high school races will be an open race for coaches, family, and open runners. The cost of the open race is $5.00. Ribbons will be awarded for the top 20 males and females in the open race. This year, we will enter results and post them on-line as well. There is also a 2k youth race for runners up to 8th grade. All participants will in the youth race receive a ribbon, with additional ribbons for the top 20 places. * Current high school runners competing in the open race for whatever reason shall not wear their team issued uniform to avoid potential conflict with WIAA rules and eligibility. Their entry fee and registration form must be independent of their school's registration as they are separate from the high school event.