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All Americans


The following Lakes athletes earned All American recognition. Their final national ranking is listed (when known) as well.

Curt Corvin: 1981, 1982

Izaic Yorks: 2011 (5th)


1971: Boy's 15th
1981: Boy's 5th
1982: Boy's 8th
1985: Boy's 11th  
1986: Boys 2nd
1987: Boy's 6th
1989: Girl's 13th, Boys 15th
1997: Girl's 16th
1999: Boys 9th
2000: Boy's 6th
2001: Boy’s 16th
2002: Girl’s 10th
2003: Girls 14th
2010: Boys 15th
2011: Boys 9th
2012: Boys 11th
2013: Boys 14th


Hall of Fame (Podium Finishes)

1977: Sheila Kaskie-1st, Steve James-3rd, Diane Johnson-8th
1978:Sheila Kaskie-1st

1979: Sheila Kaskie-4th

1980: Curt Corvin-3rd
1981: Curt Corvin-1st
1982: Curt Corvin-1st
1985: Ed Glass-2nd
2000: Joe Gray-2nd 
2001: Joe Gray-9th
2007: Seth Bridges-11th
2010: Izaic Yorks-7th
2011:Izaic Yorks-3rd

Career Qualifiers (All years as a high school athlete)

1977-79: Shiela Kaskie
1980-82:  Curt Corvin
1986-88: Dave Perkins
1993-96: Traci Bulick

State Participants

1971: Craig Gardner, Doug Heaberlin, Jim Redden, V Trieschmann, Mike Nepper, Bruce Manclark, Pat Oda
1972: Craig Gardner
1973: Bruce Manclark
1976: Diane Johnson
1977: Steve James, Diane Johnson, Sheila Kaskie
1978: Sheila Kaskie
1979: Sheila Kaskie
1980: Curt Corvin
1981: Curt Corvin, John Slee, Steve Tollan, Doug Girder, Les Baker, Ken Turner
1982: Curt Corvin, John Slee, Les Baker, Ken Turner, Steve Lightner, Ed Glass
1984: Ed Glass, Martha Hunter
1985: Ed Glass, Beau Briscoe, Ron Tierle, Flip Herndon, Byron Moore, Pablo Ang, Terry Harsh, Suyoung Jenerette
1986: Ron Tierle, Flip Herndon, Byron Moore, Terry Harsh, Dave Perkins, Shawn Baker, Darrin White
1987: Dave Perkins, Shawn Baker, Mike McDermott, Tom Werner, Ken Whalen, Lindy Blankenship
1989: Dave Perkins, Tom Werner, Dan Durbin, Billy Ryan, Paul Rades, Lansing Gatrell, Jeremy Jacobs, Pattie Harmon, Christy Carlson, Andrea Carlson, Leeanna Brown, Holly Jeffers
1990: Leeanna Brown
1993: Traci Bulick
1994: John Worthington, Traci Bulick, Sara Jacobs
1995: Traci Bulick
1996: Traci Bulick
1997: Sean Curry, Randee Churchill, Victoria Weber, Rachel Churchill, Marta Bednarczyk, Katie Williams, Kristin Holloway, Natalie Reed
1999: Ben Brown, Mark Pegher, Reuben Joseph, Kevin Reed, James Costigan, Tristan Nater, Tim Gholson Jr., Stephanie Bulick
2000: Joe Gray, Tim Gholson Jr. Kevin Reed, James Costigan, Bob Betancourt, Tristan Nater, Dan Weldon, Ann McCanick
2001: Joe Gray, T.J. Gholson, Dan Weldon, Josh Witsoe, James Johnson, Mike Yearsley, Austin Danner, Stephanie Bulick, Jackie Glen
2002: Jackie Glen, Stephanie Bulick, Allison Harmon, Casey Maus, Kayla Kearney, Janet Feldman, Cassy Yearsley
2003:Honisty Baek, Allison Harmon, Denver Bailey, Casey Maus, Kayla Kearney, Janet Feldman, Brooke Brown
2004: Honisty Baek
2005: Seth Bridges, Jennifer Renteria
2007: Seth Bridges
2008: Micaela Rasmussen, Courtney Boyd
2009: Izaic Yorks
2010: Izaic Yorks, Stephen Nelson, Kirby Littlefield, Zach Johnson, Greg Edgecomb, John May, Ray Goldberg, Stephanie Brooks
2011: Izaic Yorks, Stephen Nelson, Gabe Harrington, Greg Edgecomb, Matt Siebert, Jarek Rasmussen, Beau Korsmo
2012: Stephen Nelson, Jarek Rasmussen, Greg Edgecomb, Matt Siebert,Beau Korsmo, Joe Edgecomb, Aaron Harrell
2013:Stephen Nelson, Jarek Rasmussen, Greg Edgecomb, Matt Siebert,Hunter Zesiman, Joe Edgecomb, Xavier Soriano, Lily Broughan